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What an organisation spends with external suppliers for goods and services is the principal enabler of business performance and typically represents between 30 and 70% or more of the balance sheet. This is clearly a large investment to make in running a business.

Effective Management

However, it is also true that within many of those same organisations, their procurement functions have limited resources, technology and capability to manage diverse ranges of categories, stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that these costs are managed effectively.

Experience & Capability

August Consulting helps you to solve this dilemma. We have worked with many organisations over many years so we bring a diversity of experience and capability to assist your organisation with its unique circumstances.

Competitive & Sustainable

We offer services to help organisations invest wisely in their functional procurement capability and people resources to ensure they are effectively managing significant third-party expenditure so as to remain both competitive and financially sustainable.

Procurement Services

How aligned is your procurement function with the organisation’s vision, purpose and strategy?

We focus on what outcomes procurement need to achieve to be successful in meeting the overall strategic objectives and, importantly, exactly how these are measured to clearly demonstrate value back to the board and other key stakeholders.

We understand procurement and all of the associated activities that enable functional optimisation and success, so we help you to develop the functional maturity and enablers necessary to deliver consistent sustainable results.


  • Procurement strategy
  • Procurement performance platforms
  • Category management
  • Strategic and direct sourcing
  • Market and supplier analysis
  • Strategic positioning
  • Business improvement and optimisation
  • Complex procurement and tendering
  • Negotiation and contract formation
  • Benefits realisation frameworks


Organisations in both the public and private sector are increasingly under scrutiny to ensure their procurement practices are transparent, ethical, compliant with legislation and policy directives whilst being able to deliver value back to their business.

Developing risk frameworks and strategies that incorporate principles of better or best practice and demonstrate intentional compliance enables organisations to manoeuvre through complex regulatory and commercial landscapes with fewer interruptions.

August Consulting team members have led or been involved in many substantial projects and programs of work across many industries and organisation types in the private and public sectors domestically and internationally. Accessing our experience in and understanding of risk will help your organisation to increase the potential for successful outcomes.

We work closely with you to leverage and refine existing or develop new governance and risk management frameworks leading to compliance on audit requirements.

August Consulting also provides expert probity advice on complex procurement matters to help ensure your outcomes can be consistently achieved.


  • Compliance with relevant legislation and policy
  • Pre and post audit support services
  • Probity advice and planning
  • Fraud and corruption awareness training
  • Governance, probity and risk frameworks
  • Procurement function health checks
  • Portfolio, program and project services


The skills required in the procurement function are broadening and changing. If procurement is to be strategic in its intent to truly manage and drive costs out of the business, then its resources need to have both technical and soft skills to influence change and be successful.

The war for talent is increasing and considerable, meaning organisations need to invest wisely in their key staff to ensure retention and continuously uplift functional capability.

August Consulting has deep experience in delivering strategic and operational procurement capability development services. We have helped many organisations to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency through provision of targeted training and careful review and implementation of various capability enhancing strategies.

We can certainly help you review, establish, uplift or redesign your procurement organisation and capability framework or strategy.


  • Procurement training
  • Probity training
  • Executive and team coaching
  • Team structure and capability assessment
  • Capability development planning
  • Capability framework development
  • Implementation
  • Performance management


Change is constant, organisations need to be able to transform their business whilst ensuring no or minimal service disruption.

Drivers of change can arise from updates in strategic direction, shifting organisational requirements, technology updates, business improvement initiatives or a host of external factors.

Our team has led or participated in many significant transformations and we have refined our understanding and approach based on what actually delivers positive sustainable results.

We only use proven transformation methodologies and approaches that increase success potential and ensure organisational capability and functional maturity increases so that gains can be sustained independently.

We assist organisations to navigate change by providing capability and frameworks to ensure momentum is maintained and successful implementation is possible.

If your organisation is currently or considering a transformation small or large, then be sure to connect with us for an obligation free discussion on how to proceed.

We would love to help.


  • Transformation planning and implementation
  • Change management
  • Portfolio, program and project management
  • Project health checks and recovery
  • Technology enabled project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Visual performance management
  • Project reporting reviews and optimisation
  • Temporary project team augmentation


Do you need to achieve certification?

August Consulting can confidently assist your organisation to achieve certification quickly for a variety of ISO standards including:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 17025:2017 Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 | ISO 45001:2018 Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 55001:2014 Asset Management Systems

We have partnered with JAS/ANZ accreditation bodies to ensure you achieve internationally recognised certification with a guaranteed 100% success rate for all of our clients. Our proven methods see the majority of organisations certified in just 90 days or less. We have assisted hundreds of organisations across Australia and Pacific nations to reach certifications in a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Information Technology and Managed Services
  • Medical and Laboratory Services
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Consulting and Professional Services

We use best practice methodologies to assess and improve your organisation’s management systems and controls to ensure you reach full compliance with as little disruption and change to your current processes as possible. We work with you both on-site and remotely to achieve a cost effective outcome that will enable your organisation to continue to maintain certification to the standards long-term.

Inquire about how your organisation can access these services today by sending a message to certification@augustconsulting.com.au or using our Get In Touch form.

One of our qualified consultants will answer all your ISO questions and help you discover a cost-effective and resource-efficient pathway to certification.


  • Certification to ISO and AS/NZS standards
  • Preparation for re-certification
  • Management system audits
  • Policy and documentation reviews and guidance
  • Document template development
  • RIsk and governance compliance checks


Organisations today cannot effectively or reliably capitalise on the technology integrated commercial environment without understanding and harnessing the power of their data.

It is critically important to be able to access key data and information that enables strategic and tactical operational decision-making in a consistent and reliable manner.

Those organisations which can do this in real time will have a competitive advantage allowing them to optimise costs and revenue-generating opportunities.

August Consulting has partnered with leading technology firms to provide extremely cost-effective, world-class analytics and data visualisation services to our clients.

Contact us for more information or make an appointment to discuss how we can help your organisation to increase the benefits of seeing and using your valuable data.


  • Data cleansing and structure reviews
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualisation and reporting
  • Dashboard design and optimisation
  • Managed data services
  • Data security and information management
  • Data security policy and frameworks

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