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Bill Porter joins August Consulting

I am thrilled to announce that Bill Porter has joined our August Consulting team as Lead Consultant - Healthcare.

Bill Porter Healthcare Procurement Leader

Bill is renowned for his expertise in procurement and logistics, with extensive experience spanning over 35 years. Most recently, he has held roles at Ramsay Health Care for the past 16 years as the Global Chief Procurement Officer and Group Procurement Manager.

His achievements in health care procurement and supply chain management to date have been ground-breaking, enabling significant benefits and cost optimisations for the organisations he has worked for.

I am confident that Bill will provide an invaluable contribution and outstanding leadership to our client services moving forward.

In addition, Bill has generously shared some insights on how he sees procurement today and in the future in this Q&A article:

Thank you Bill for your thoughts below - I extend you a very warm welcome to the August Consulting team!

If you have a question, or would like to hear more

contact us for a FREE consultation with Bill:

1300 070 338


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