Colleen Ning joins August Consulting

Colleen has taken the role of a Service Delivery Manager and she is going to lead the team to deliver on proposed solutions that deliver transformational change and value to clients predominantly in healthcare and education sectors.

Colleen Ning is a passionate and experienced programme director who thrives on the challenges of improving company performance through effective implementation and management of multi-faceted global transformation projects. She dedicated the last twenty years to the mining industry and has held roles as Global Head of Business Readiness and Global Head Transformation Project. She agreed to answer some of our questions and shared some insights.

Why did you decide to join August Consulting?

My career has combined a focus on procurement, supply chain and program management. It is rare to see an opportunity to leverage my program management expertise within procurement and supply chain functional areas. August offered the opportunity to bring these together. After two decades across mining, civil, FMCG and international shipping, I relished the opportunity to bring my experience to a new industry sector.

What will be your focus as a Service Delivery Manager at August Consulting?

August consulting’s healthcare client base focuses on providing quality healthcare within our community, improving people’s quality of life. Working with August Consulting, my focus will be optimising spend, improving processes and driving for efficiencies. This work ultimately delivers value back to the client, supporting the delivery of their vision. I am excited to be a part of the optimisation work in action for both staff, clinicians and patients.

How do you feel about moving from the corporate world to consultancy?

Across my corporate career, I have worked hand in hand with consulting firms as an internal partner. I have seen the value of this work and have a strong client lens of requirements for both client and consultant, to deliver successful programs. It is indeed interesting and early days being on the consulting side; however, it feels familiar territory. Of all the hats I wore in my corporate career, a consultant was one of the most well worn. As such, it is not so much a move to leave corporate, more a move to continue to support transformation delivery. I am renowned for successfully delivering programs of work.

Would you please share some of your experience that might be interesting for August Consulting clients?

My focus within August Consulting is that of service delivery manager, where I will be working towards efficient delivery, with strong communication and engaged stakeholders. Most recently, I led the delivery of an ERP (SAP S4Hana) across 35 countries, 3,500 workforce for all aspects of business readiness (data, testing, change, communications, business continuity, cutover, risk) for manufacturing and supply. Hindsight is a great thing; learning is even better; I recognise pain points and areas that can be enabled earlier to flatten the change curve and the workload curve and ways to break the mass into workable pieces.

There may be a hesitancy to focus on continuous improvement until foundation work is in place. Having entered a 32 country European environment with 75 legal entities operating at vastly different levels of maturity, I found the best thing to do is to start. Just start, regardless of maturity level. This approach saw the region transform to sustainable, profitable levels with the first year seeing a $10 million positive hit.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by transformational change and improvement. It is extremely satisfying to see improvements big and small making a difference in people’s work lives. In everything I do, I strive to set an example to my two children to carry oneself with dignity, respect for others and never stop caring.

What business-related book has inspired you the most?

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (Simon Sinek)

The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)