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We partner with a range of healthcare and aged care providers to help them invest wisely in procurement and supply chains to drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

In response to the challenges in the healthcare and aged care sectors today, we offer a range of scalable procurement and supply chain service offerings, tailored to align with your needs.

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To achieve desired outcomes and remain competitive, healthcare and aged care providers must fundamentally adapt their approach to procurement and supply chain by altering perspective, revising practices, and implementing significant change in their operations. 


A monumental shift is required to survive, let alone thrive, beyond 2022.

Executive Sponsorship

Enable outcomes to be influenced, benefits to be optimised, and effective change to be delivered.

Form a steering committee to include executives and technical teams to enable oversight and drive engagement for high value and high risk procurement and supply chain projects.

Uplift Commercial Capability

Healthcare and Aged Care tend to have a lower level of commercial maturity relative to other industries. Although it is important for staff to have clinical expertise, it is equally valuable to demonstrate good commercial acumen.

Adopt best practice processes, strong organisational design strategies, and a governance model to bring accountability.


Increase engagement and build partnerships between commercial and clinician teams to achieve the best overall clinical and commercial outcomes.

When engaging with clinical leaders, treat them as business partners and be prepared to share the benefits a true partnership can deliver.


Supply and systems enhancements that allow organisations to optimise their costs per patient/day, ensure continuity of supply and manage compliance and risk that build foundations to drive efficiencies.

Investment in the enterprise resource planning systems, data governance and process redesign to provide the right visibility to unlock value in the business.

Shift Influence

Allow for more commercial input and influence to achieve optimised value. 

Commercial teams to develop strong supplier partnerships within key spend categories which have end user clinician support. COVID-19 has been a significant market disrupter, with some categories market supply still at risk, increasing the need to influence the market.

In today's market conditions, healthcare and aged care organisations must consider alternative procurement and supply chain operating models that will allow them to maximise their potential.

Organisations are looking to develop strategic partnerships to better leverage their positions in the market, either in the form of a hub, alliance or a GPO that will allow them to aggregate volume and capitalise on enhanced capability.

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