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We empower procurement and supply chain teams to achieve more by challenging conventional thinking, lifting capability and guiding change.
At August Consulting, we offer a range of customised solutions that meet the needs of our clients. This is supported by an experienced team of procurement specialists. 
We do this by designing customised solutions that enable organisations to obtain visibility over complex key data sets, navigate systems and draw strategic insights that in turn enhance performance. 


Procurement as a service gives organisations access to best-in-class capabilities that accelerate value

Strategic procurement is a tool for companies to remain competitive by driving cost leadership, supplier selection, supply chain optimisation and financial and organisational performance.  

Our approach is tailored to your unique requirements and it starts with a thorough diagnosis to determine the opportunity, agree on priorities, and develop a pathway to create value.

We provide three distinct services to meet your needs:

Consultant at work

Procurement Advisory

We work closely with your team to provide advisory support, helping you develop

and implement a 

procurement strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Walking and Talking

Business Partner

Our experienced consultants become an extension of your operations team, collaborating with you to deliver key strategies and co-developing a comprehensive procurement roadmap.

Office Workspace

Full Procurement Service

We execute the procurement strategy on your behalf.

With our expertise and

support, you can focus

on your core business while we handle all aspects of procurement.


By engaging our procurement services team, you will have access best-in-class capabilities, opening up new value streams and opportunities for your organisation.


We offer:

Key data sets

make informed decisions based on accurate and comprehensive information

Expertise and industry insights

 enhance your strategic decision-making capabilities

Change management and transformation guidance

 seamless implementation your procurement strategies

Market intelligence

 stay ahead of the curve, anticipate trends, identify opportunities and mitigate risks

Cost-effective solutions 

optimise your

spend and increase profitability

Want to discuss how this could look for your business?

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