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August Consulting helps organisations to develop targeted sourcing and procurement strategies to deliver sustainable cost reductions.

Strategic sourcing provides an opportunity to:

  • Review current performance and requirements (internal and external)

  • Investigate industry trends and gather market intelligence

  • Ensure a competitive position in the market

This activity connects data collection and spend analysis, market research, supplier negotiations and contract management to deliver on strategic objectives​.



  • Definition of scope and stakeholder engagement

  • Definition of procurement market approach, planning and strategy

  • Preparation and issuance of market engagement documents

  • Manage market engagement activity

  • Preparation of evaluations, negotiations and recommendations in collaboration  with the client

  • Contract award

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  • Procurement sourcing strategy with objectives and benefits forecast

  • Go-to-market approach

  • Evaluation and negotiation plans

  • Supplier response scenario modelling and recommendations

  • Contract documents ready for execution

  • Clear procurement outcomes and benefits with ability to measure ongoing performance

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and improved commercial outcomes"

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