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Supply chain operations often provide significant improvement opportunities through value stream mapping, systems enablement, data, and clear roles and responsibilities, as well as joint accountability to drive performance. 

August Consulting helps organisations to review their supply chains and identify a range of quick wins and initiatives that deliver efficiencies and benefits.

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  • Site visits, data analysis and process mapping

  • Engagement of key stakeholders

  • Supply chain assessment and strategy development

  • High-level analysis of opportunities for improvement

  • Prepare indicative effort, resourcing, risks and benefit estimates for proposed improvements

Boxes on Conveyor Roller


  • Current state mapping and analysis

  • Supply chain strategy

  • Gap analysis and readiness assessment

  • Identify improvement opportunities, including indicative effort and dependencies

  • Risks and benefits estimates for proposed improvements

  • Supply chain improvement roadmap to unlock value identified

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"Improved efficiency and consolidation"

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