A structured approach to reviewing third party expenditure and business practices leads to opportunities being identified to reduce costs and deliver incremental benefits.

August Consulting can help your organisation to identify and prioritise key cost optimisation opportunities. We leverage technology to provide analytics and data visualisations, allowing us to conduct informed and insight-driven analysis, key stakeholder engagements and evaluations.

Through our extensive expertise, we identify relevant strategies to realise these cost optimisation benefits in the short and long-term, providing practical recommendations and a roadmap of opportunities, which are prioritised based on estimated value and ease of implementation.

Data Analyst


  • Data aggregation, categorisation and visualisation

  • Business documents and practices review

  • Review of current contracts coverage and compliance

  • Comparison against best practices and indicative benchmarking

  • Conduct opportunity workshops with key stakeholders

Analyzing Data


  • A list of potential opportunities by category

  • Benefits estimate for each opportunity

  • Change sensitivity assessment and approach

  • Implementation roadmap including quick wins and medium to long term opportunities to unlock value

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