• Are you prepared for the next reporting period for the Modern Slavery Act?

  • Do you need assistance to review your supply chain for the risk of modern slavery practices?  

  • Do you want assurance that your organisation is compliant with the Modern Slavery Act and has a robust governance framework that will align with your business growth?

The Modern Slavery Reporting Requirement

The Modern Slavery Act 2018, requires entities which are based in, or operating within Australia, and which have a consolidated revenue of more than $100 million, to report annually to the Home Affairs Minister.  The report, referred to as a “Modern Slavery Statement” must identify risks of modern slavery in the organisation’s operations and supply chain and the actions taken to address those risks. The statement will be made publicly available online through a Modern Slavery Statements Register.

Modern Slavery Statements must address specific mandatory criteria. The intent behind the statements is to increase organisation transparency and public scrutiny, with an expectation that organisations will improve year-on-year.

If an organisation does not comply with the legislation, it may be asked by the Minister to provide an explanation for its non-compliance.  The failure to comply may also be published resulting in reputational damage. This could be damaging for organisations that rely on a positive public image as part of their branding.


It is expected that over time, additional compliance measures and penalties may be introduced for organisations that fail to comply.

How we can help

August Consulting offers practical, enduring strategies that provide measurable results, year after year.


We help you identify where and how Modern Slavery could be impacting your organisation



We help you determine and implement the optimal strategy to identify and respond to potential risks



We help you comply with legislative reporting requirements

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  • August Consulting can advise and assist your organisation to produce a Modern Slavery Statement.  

  • We can undertake a review of your operations, map and assess your supply chain and update your governance framework.  

  • We can also provide training and assist with the development of processes to monitor modern slavery risks in your operations and supply chain

  • We can also develop a monitoring system to assess effectiveness of these processes.

For more information on our Modern Slavery, Risk and Governance Servicesdownload the PDF.

Modern Slavery world map - the Atlantic
Modern Slavery world map - the Atlantic


  • Governance framework review and recommendations

  • Development of a supplier code of conduct 

  • Mapping of supply chains

  • Risk assessments of suppliers and collation of results

  • Deliver board level, executive and function specific capacity building through training and mentoring

  • Setting up systems and procedures to monitor risks of modern  slavery in operations  and supply chains

  •  Marketing and communications planning

  •  Drafting of Modern Slavery Statements


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