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Is your procurement agile enough?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

“Speed is the currency of business” – Mark Benioff, CEO Salesforce

Which businesses today are getting to market 400% faster?

According to Mirko Kleiner, a thought leader in Agile Procurement, those businesses working with a ‘Lean-Agile’ approach, are passing the post first.

The world is changing at such a rapid pace around us, that fast delivery of solutions is now expected, rather than requested. To keep in step and not be left behind, organisations are increasingly rejecting the traditional - and often onerous - procurement process, in favour of adopting agile methodology.

However, for Agile Procurement to be successful for businesses, let alone sustainable, it requires support from the top. Leadership must endorse the benefits which, as claimed by Kleiner, include increased efficiencies and better understanding of the business’ actual wants and needs.

My view is that Agile Procurement does not mean forgoing all of the important sourcing processes, nor does it mean cutting corners, sacrificing due governance, or compromising quality outcomes. Rather, a change in mindset is required by everyone involved, to promote shared alignment, innovation, and quick decisions.

Please share your own thoughts on, and experiences with, Agile Procurement.

If you’re interested in Lean-Agile Procurement specifically, I can recommend Kleiner’s podcast

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