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Modern Slavery - are you mitigating the risk?

Good to see Aldi releasing its Modern Slavery Statement. Not surprising the report has highlighted the risk of modern slavery within both their local and global supply chains.

"Locally, Aldi found that its fresh produce supply chain – including meat processing plants – is at risk of modern slavery, according to the Global Slavery Index (GSI). In particular, the use of labour-heavy contractor services, such as cleaning services and trolley and cart collectors present risks in Aldi Australia’s operations.

Globally, Aldi found that both non-food and food products produced in high-risk countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh face a modern slavery risk. The food items involved include seafood, nuts, cocoa, coffee and tea, while the riskiest non-food products were textiles, shoes, homeware and toy production."

Do you know where the risks are for your organisation? What steps are you taking to address and remediate the risk?

- Tracey Shearer, Managing Director


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