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Service spotlight: Supply chain diagnostics & improvements

Did you know we deliver a supply chain diagnostics & improvements service for our clients in diverse industries, including healthcare, aged care, education, oil and gas, and agriculture?

What is our supply chain diagnostics & improvements service, and how could it benefit your business?

Supply chain operations provide significant improvement opportunities by enabling systems, metrics, clear roles and responsibilities, and shared accountability to drive performance.

We help you holistically review your supply chains and identify a range of initiatives that deliver ongoing benefits.

Our approach

Focused on delivering hands-on, practical, employable solutions, our approach involves:

  • Site visits, data analysis & process mapping

  • Engaging with your key stakeholders

  • Assessing your supply chain & developing a strategy

  • High-level analysis of opportunities for improvement

  • Preparing an indicative effort, risks & benefit estimates for the proposed improvements

Our deliverables

We provide you with:

  • Current state mapping & analysis

  • Supply chain strategy

  • Gap analysis & readiness assessments

  • Improvement opportunities, including indicative effort & dependencies

  • Risks & benefits estimates for the proposed improvements

  • Supply chain improvement roadmap to unlock the value identified

Case study

Want to see an example of our supply chain diagnostics & improvements service? Download our case study: Improved supply chain operating model for healthcare organisation.

Need more information?

To explore how we can help you improve your supply chain strategy, contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.


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